Historique des Logos de La Corvette

The Savonnerie du Midi has been perpetuating time-honoured methods for over 120 years and maintaining its passionate commitment to making genuine Marseille soaps, boiled in a cauldron. It is one of the last remaining soap factories in Marseille that still uses the traditional expertise of a Maître Savonnier – a Master Soap Maker.

The Savonnerie du Midi was founded in 1894 in Marseille and manufactures three iconic brands that have earned the Savonnerie its famous reputation. Aubépine, L’Aigle Blanc and La Corvette have marked the history of the Savonnerie du Midi and of Marseille soap more generally. The first two brands were manufactured until the end of the 1980s, while La Corvette, with its blue logo depicting a sailing ship, is still going strong today...

In 2015, the La Corvette range was rebranded to give it a more contemporary look. It combines Marseille tradition with modernity through a range of authentic products that care for your body and home, many of which are Ecocert-certified. It is a response to today's values – a return both to natural, environmentally friendly practices and to authentic products made in France that are of indisputably high quality.