The Mediterranean Corvette

MÉDITERRANÉE is a range of organic cosmetics that shake up the classic vision of the scents of Provence: our 5 fragrances are olfactory creations designed in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. They are inspired by the natural materials historically present in Provence, they are a tribute to the essences of our southern land...

Soaps, liquid soaps, hand creams: all products are made from natural raw materials and enriched with organic ingredients that are kind to the skin and nature.

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A deliberately avant-garde line, but with a continuity of spirit, an aesthetic continuity with the La Corvette range. The brand block takes on feminine curves and hot gilding...
The illustrations evoke a perfume, an atmosphere, a feeling...
A precious, luminous and modern ensemble.

A range of organic cosmetics that proudly displays the colours of its native land: a bouquet of generous and refined scents, an explosion of light, a call from the open sea, a dream of softness and purity...