The Savonnerie du Midi is a founding member of the Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille (UPSM)

This association was created in 2011 by four historical soap factories of the Marseille basin and aims to promote and defend traditional Marseille soap. To this end, this private association has registered a collective trademark that guarantees a constant quality, respecting a precise set of specifications:

  • Its geographical origin: it must be made in Marseille and its region, the historical basin of Marseille soap production
  • Its production process: it must be cooked in a cauldron for approximately 7 to 10 days, according to the five stages of the Marseilles process
  • Its composition: Marseille soap must be composed exclusively of vegetable oils (no animal fat). It is free of perfume, colouring agents, preservatives and additives.

In 2016, the UPSM decided to submit a file to the INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle), so that Marseille soap could be recognised by an IGPIA (Indication Géographique pour les Produits Industriels et Artisanaux), and so that it would be included in the list of manufactured products soon to be labelled by public bodies. Marseille soap was the first industrial and artisanal speciality to apply for this recognition, as the law is recent and its last application decree was officially published on 10 March 2016. Alongside the UPSM, the Savonnerie du Midi is therefore very involved in the defence of the heritage values of Marseille soap and guarantees its customers compliance with the UPSM charter.

Help us to protect our Marseille soap !

Today, any soap can be sold under the name "Marseille soap"... This year, and until November 23rd only, the INPI is launching a public inquiry to collect the general opinion on the subject, and in particular on the UPSM specifications. We need you !! so that the result of this public inquiry is favorable and that we finally obtain a protection of our living heritage, the real Marseille soap !

To participate in the survey(before November 23, 2022), simply:

- go to the INPI page and click on "make an observation

- to vote FAVORABLE to the geographical indication, and to write a few words on the importance of defending the traditional Marseille soap (cooked in a cauldron, in Marseille, according to the Marseille process, from vegetable oils without perfume, coloring or chemical additives)

- to share this form with as many people as possible!

Thank you!


The UPSM has registered a semi-figurative collective mark allowing the consumer to have the guarantee that he is buying a traditional Marseille soap respecting the three criteria of composition, manufacturing process and geographical origin. It is a private label.

Compliance with the UPSM charter is furthermore guaranteed by an independent control body: CERTIPAQ.

More information on the website: