Laundry soap

Do you want to wash your clothes thoroughly and naturally with quality ingredients from nature? Discover our range of laundry soaps and enjoy clean, fresh clothes every day.

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A natural laundry soap

Our Savonnerie du Midi - La Corvette is committed to offering you natural products that are good for your home and your skin. This is why we have developed a laundry soap that allows you to clean all your clothes effectively while protecting your skin. Our soap is an ecological, economical product that will make your life easier when you wash your clothes.

Sometimes a stain can be found on a piece of clothing and must be removed quickly, otherwise it may remain after washing. You have to act quickly and with the right product. That's why we have developed a laundry kit, consisting of a stain-removing soap and a sisal scrubbing sponge. The soap in this kit is 100% vegetable-based and is certified by ECOCERT Ecodetergent. It is formulated with real Marseille soap, known to be an excellent stain remover and enriched with organic soap nuts for an efficient cleaning.

Products for the whole house

To help you with your laundry, laundry soap and Marseille soap shavings are your best allies. We also have many other products available home care products. For example, we offer a wide range of multi-purpose cleanersWe offer a wide range of liquid, solid and paste soaps that will help you clean your home from floor to ceiling. Take care of your home with products that are effective, environmentally friendly and kind to your skin.