Marseille soap cube

Unique and authentic, the Marseille soap cube from La Corvette is a timeless product with 100% natural ingredients whose composition has not changed since its creation. Discover now our large selection of Marseille soap cubes made in France.

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Authentic soap cubes

The composition of real Marseille soap has not changed since its creation. The ingredients of pure Marseille soap are simply vegetable oils, water, salt and soda... With no artificial fragrance or colouring, no preservatives or chemical additives, the Marseille soap cube is an authentic, hypoallergenic and natural product ideal for daily hygiene. It takes care of the skin of the face and the whole body without drying it out. Made in our Savonnerie du Midi in the heart of Provence, according to the traditional cooking process, our Marseille soap cube is an inimitable quality product ideal for the whole family.

Marseille soap for the whole house

While cubed Marseille soap is an excellent skin care product, it is also an ideal raw material for making your own laundry. Thanks to the shavings and Marseille soap flakesyou can make your own liquid detergent. Marseille soap has stain-removing and sanitizing properties, allowing you to wash your clothes gently and effectively.

Want to use your Marseille soap in the bathroom without the hassle of a cube? Discover the liquid Marseille soap. Choose your favourite fragrance and the product best suited to your needs, and enjoy a natural soap ideal for daily use.