Our real Marseille soap: the authentic one!

La Corvette Marseille soap has been made since 1894 at the Savonnerie du Midi in Marseille , using the traditional cooking process.

We work with passion to perpetuate an authentic and artisanal know-how and to offer a real Marseille soap of quality and respectful of the environment. Extra pure or with olive, our Marseille soaps are 100% natural, certified COSMOS NATURAL by ECOCERT.

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A historic heritage for Marseille

Soap making became a speciality of Marseille from the 15th century. The geographical location of Marseille with its port made it a favourite place for the manufacture of Marseille soap and for commercial exchanges.

Marseille quickly became known as the capital of soap. The mastery of the know-how of the "master soap maker" is specifically located in Marseille. Moreover, the raw materials were in abundance in the region: olive oil from Provence, salt and natural soda from the plants of the Camargue saline environment.

Marseille soap then enjoyed a strong reputation.

Marseille soap: an original manufacturing process

In the workshops of the Savonnerie du Midi, we still produce genuine Marseille soap in the respect of tradition.

Each soap is handcrafted and made exclusively from vegetable oils. Formulated with ingredients of natural origin, it contains no synthetic colouring agents, perfumes, preservatives or additives.

It is manufactured according to the process of saponification in the cauldron, according to the five stages of the "Marseilles process": mashing, releasing, cooking, washing and liquidation.

Soap for clothes or for the skin?

Economical, ecological and biodegradable, this handmade soap is recognised worldwide for its many benefits.

For the body, it cleans all types of skin. Hypoallergenic, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

It is also a natural product for the care of linen and the house.

Genuine Marseille soap is also used to prevent night cramps and to keep insects away from your wardrobe...