Our home care products

La Corvette offers natural cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. These products prolong the life of your clothes and sanitise your home in the long term.
Traditional Marseille soap, ecological black soap and multi-purpose cleaners are trusted, effective and above all ecological products. These products are therefore very effective if used properly.

Find here all the essentials to have in your wardrobe.

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Our range of home care products 

To maintain your home, we offer various ecological products, certified by ECOCERT:

> Bar of Marseille soap cooked in a cauldron

> Extra Pure or Olive Marseille soap shavings, cooked in a cauldron, particularly recommended for cleaning babies' clothes. cleaning babies' linen.

> Marseille Soap cubes Extra Pure or Olive are hypoallergenic soaps used for personal hygiene or the care of linen and the house. These cubes are ECOCERT certified. 

> The household black soap is very complementary to Marseille soap for the maintenance of your home. Black soap paste with linseed oil or liquid black soap with olive oil are perfect for replacing a large part of industrial products for ecological home maintenance. They are used to remove stubborn stains or to clean DIY tools. These natural multi-purpose products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

> The stain remover soap is an Extra Pure Marseille soap enriched with soap nuts. This soap is known for its effectiveness on the most stubborn stains, on all textiles.

> Raw Marseille soap in bulk is a hypoallergenic product, exclusively vegetable, guaranteed without palm oil, colouring agent, perfume or preservative. It is used for personal hygiene, but also for cleaning clothes and the house. 

> Lemon Miracle Cleaner is a soap-based product made from natural ingredients. This product is multi-purpose, it is used to clean and sanitize the whole house. It is environmentally friendly and leaves a fresh lemon scent. 

> The ecological dish soap is a 100% natural product, enriched with bicarbonate of soda and without palm oil. This ecological, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product degreases and shines the dishes.