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For your daily hygiene, liquid soaps can be both practical and effective.
Discover now our selection of organic liquid soaps, with delicious scents inspired by nature

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Organic liquid soaps for the whole family

To enjoy soft and healthy skin every day, it is important to use a body wash that is suitable for your skin. That's why we offer a wide range of organic liquid soaps, made from 99% natural ingredients. The ingredients from organic farming allow each liquid soap in this category to be certified COSMOS ORGANIC by the ECOCERT Greenlife label. This vegetable and organic composition is proof of the quality and commitment of our soap factory.

Each organic liquid soap in our range is a quality body wash that leaves your skin clean and healthy day after day. We offer you many scents inspired by nature and Provence, for a real moment of well-being and escape in the shower. Fig blossom, gardens in Provence or Mediterranean delights, find many products for all your desires.

Liquid soap, a practical format to take everywhere

Our soaps are suitable for all skin types to care for your body day after day. Liquid soap, whether organic or of natural origin, has many advantages. First of all, it is practical to use. The pump on the bottle makes it easy to dose the product, giving you just the right amount of soap you need. In addition, it is very convenient to take with you everywhere. It is an ideal bath product for the whole family that will make you enjoy a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

Discover also our entire collection of liquid Marseille soapsMarseille liquid soaps, made in the tradition of French soapmaking. Olive, lavender or verbena scented, Marseille liquid soap bottles the best of Provence.