Our ecological and natural black soaps

A multi-purpose product, black soap is recognized for its many properties, making it ideal for the home and garden. In paste, liquid or tube form, our La Corvette black soaps are made with over 99% natural ingredients and are ECOCERT ECODETERGENT certified.

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The properties of black soap

This product is ecological, healthy; it is a cleaning, stain-removing, sanitizing, nourishing and degreasing soap. To try it is to adopt it.

The effectiveness of black soap

The effectiveness of black soap is formidable. It goes everywhere in your home. It cleans all surfaces (oven, fireplace, barbecue, worktop, bathtub, floor, etc.) and makes your dishes and windows shine. It restores the shine to leather and wood and canremove grease from textiles by applying this soap before washing. It can remove stubborn odours from textiles (mattresses, sofas, etc.) and clean your hob wonderfully. Black soap is also proven to be effective in the garden. It can be used to clean your tools to keep them longer. Mixed with hot water, it protects your plants against aphids and other mealy bugs. It is also a powerful and natural bactericide that helps to fight against fumagine, the mould that settles on plants after an invasion of aphids.

The ECOCERT miracle black soap with olive oil is a multi-purpose product. It is very practical with its tube format. 

La Corvette black soaps

La Corvette offers you an Ecocert black soap, a guarantee of quality which certifies that your product is perfectly ecological. We have chosen to use black soap in a variety of products: liquid or paste black soap, with olive oil or linseed oil, scented or not. We offer you a multi-purpose productthat replaces a large part of your industrial products to make your home healthier.