Our liquid Marseille soaps for hands and body

Our liquid Marseille soaps are formulated from vegetable oils and are naturally rich in moisturising glycerine. These soaps with their creamy foam gently cleanse and leave your skin healthy and soft. Discover now our wide range of liquid Marseille soaps, with the sweet scent of Provence.

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The different types of liquid soap

Our liquid Marseille soaps are made from natural ingredients (minimum 97%) and formulated exclusively fromvegetable oils. They are delicately scented with the scents of the South: lavender, olive, verbena-lemon, natural or goat's milk. They are guaranteed preservative-free.

Our organic liquid soaps are quality body washes that leave your skin clean and healthy, day after day. We offer a wide range of fragrances inspired by nature and Provence, for a real moment of well-being and escape in the shower.

Our liquid soap of Aleppo is designed with olive oil and bay laurel from organic farming. Its richness in glycerin makes it a real care for the body and the face. The hypoallergenic liquid soap is made from organically grown olive and copra oils. It contains no additives (neither colouring nor perfume) and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Marseille soap in all its forms

Liquid Marseille soap is a quality product that cares for your skin while cleansing it to make it soft and supple. Its bottle and pump make it ideal for the bathroom, and easy to use in the shower. But Marseille soap also comes in many other forms.

Find it again real Marseille soap in the form of a cube and rediscover the fragrance of your childhood. Unlike natural liquid soap, the cube has no packaging, it is sold raw for simplicity. The pure Marseille soap contains natural vegetable oils, to take care of your skin on a daily basis.