Linseed oil black soap

Discover the black soap with linseed oil, a product composed of more than 99% of products of natural origin. Easy to use both inside and outside the house, it is a multi-purpose product that is extremely effective. Discover now our offer of black soap with linseed oil.

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A soap with many properties

Are you looking for an effective and natural cleaner for your whole house? The black soap is a cleaning product known for its effectiveness and ease of use. Ready to use or to dilute in water, it cleans your floors, your greasy surfaces, and even your dishes. It is your best ally for all surfaces in your kitchen (oven, hob, worktop, etc.). It can be used on all floors, from tiles to parquet, and can even be used to remove stains from textiles. To do this, simply apply your black soap to the stains without rinsing before doing your laundry as usual. Black soap with linseed oil or black soap with olive oilEach person has their own soap for the household favourite.

La Corvette's black soaps with linseed oil

Classified ECODETERGENT by ECOCERT, our products are manufactured in the traditional way that has made this product famous. It helps to clean and shine while leaving a pleasant smell. Ecological, the black soap for the garden can be used to maintain and protect your plants. It helps repel aphids and mealy bugs for healthy plants.

Whether in the form of liquid black soap or as a paste to be diluted, this product is suitable for many uses. Its very competitive price makes it much more economical than the many household products you may need throughout your home. Flax and olive oils make this soap environmentally friendly and gentle on your home.