Marseille soap

To enjoy the benefits of real Marseille soap, wherever you are, you need a practical format adapted to your situation and to your travels. Discover now our selection of Marseille soaps.

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The soap bar: a practical format to take everywhere

The soap bar is a small soap, easy to use and to carry. Depending on the circumstances, it is more practical than a cube of Marseille soap, if you are going on holiday or travelling for example. Our soaps weigh between 50 and 100 grams, which allows you to take this product everywhere with you. Made in France, our Marseille soap bar is composed of real Marseille soapOur Marseille soap bar is made from 100% natural ingredients and its composition has not changed since its creation. Vegetable oils, water, salt and soda are the only ingredients used in the manufacture of our Marseille soaps. Our soap factory, located in the heart of Provence, makes it a point of honour to respect this long tradition of French soap making, and this, since 1894. Without perfume or artificial colouring, without preservatives or chemical additives, our soaps are made from palm oil or olive oil, which gives them their unique colour. Certified COSMOS NATURAL by ECOCERT, each soap bar uses quality ingredients that are good for your body. The Marseille soap bar takes care of your face and body skin, leaving it clean and healthy.

Marseille soap: a versatile product

Although the soap bar is more practical than the cube in terms of transport, it is still a solid product that must be dried daily to prevent it from deteriorating. This is why some people prefer the liquid Marseille soapThis is why some people will prefer to use our liquid soap, with its pump system. Each soap in our liquid range has a light , nature-inspired fragrance , and will clean your skin to make it soft.

Do you want to use the many properties of Marseille soap throughout your home? Make your own cleaning products with our many references. Our flakes and Marseille soap flakes flakes allow you to make your own washing powder, to wash your clothes with a natural product.