Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is a hygiene product from Syria made from olive oil and bay laurel oil. Presented in the form of solid or liquid soap, it is the result of an artisanal production that respects ancestral traditions.

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The making of this Syrian soap by a master soap maker

This traditional Aleppo soap is made in Syria, even if today there are many imitations on the market.

Our product actually comes from Aleppo where it is cooked in a cauldron. A master soap maker is in charge of its production to ensure that it meets your requirements. This soap for face, body and hair is then air-dried for 9 months, then cut and stamped by hand.

A natural soap with olive oil and laurel oil

It is a natural product, whether it is organic or not, just like an old Marseille soap.

It is mainly composed of olive oil and bay leaf oil which give it its unique fragrance and softness.

The olives and laurel are harvested in Syria, and the oil is made locally.

The virtues of soap bars of Aleppo

This traditional Syrian soap is renowned for its benefits. It can be used for face, body and hair. It is a very complete soap that has been used for 3,500 years and contains olive oil and laurel berry oil, a combination that makes it a purifying, astringent and disinfecting product.

Aleppo soap moisturizes and nourishes the skin without ever attacking it. It reduces the problems of acne and eczema and maintains sensitive skin. It limits the production of sebum and thus fights against greasy hair.

Choosing a soap means finding the right product for your body.

Why buy your vegetable soap on the La Corvette website?

We have chosen to use a soap made according to a traditional recipe in Aleppo, Syria. La Corvette thus offers you a genuine Aleppo soap.

On the other hand, our solid or liquid soap is made with natural ingredients to protect your skin. This quality product is dermatologically tested. Moreover, it does not contain palm oil.
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