Organic soap

We have developed a range of organic soaps enriched with natural ingredients, to clean your skin and make it soft every day. Discover our Cosmebio-labelled and Ecocert COSMOS Organic certified organic soaps, as well as our entire range of natural products to take care of your body every day.

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An organic soap with natural ingredients

Your skin faces external aggressions on a daily basis. Cold, heat, changes in the environment, clothing, many factors can irritate or dry out the most sensitive skin. Your well-being is at the centre of our priorities, which is why we have developed a natural organic soap that brings together the best of nature in Provence in a single product. Each certified organic product is integrated into each of our soaps and allows you to benefit from its recognised virtues. Thus, many vegetable oils are included in the composition of your care products. Olive oil is particularly well known for its many properties, and is often included in the manufacture of genuine natural Marseille soap. Olive oil is perfectly integrated in many of our references to allow you to benefit from all its benefits.

The fragrance of our soaps is also inspired by nature to offer you fresh and light scents when you shower. Using an organic soap instead of a traditional liquid shower gel also allows you to use less material and therefore to use only the necessary amount of soap. Aloe vera, sweet almond, Argan oil, donkey milk, vine peach, pomegranate, fig leaf, choose the Provence scent that suits you best.

Natural soaps for your daily care

In our online shop, we offer you natural organic soap that gently cares for your skin thanks to its natural composition. We also offer you a range of organic body products We also offer a range of complementary products to take care of you and your skin on a daily basis. For example, you can choose a natural shower gelYou can also choose to use a gel for your skin's softness to the touch. Combine the use of your shower gel or soap with a natural shampoo. We have a range of natural and organic shampoos whose composition is guaranteed to be of natural origin. The natural shampoo and the organic shampoo take care of your hair and scalp, giving them strength and shine.

Do you want to take care of your skin right down to the tips of your nails? Use an organic organic hand cream. With orange blossom, shea butter, fig, thyme and argan oil, you are sure to find the product that suits you best.