Organic cream and balm

The skin on your face and hands is particularly sensitive, as it is exposed to numerous external aggressions every day. Discover now our range of creams and balms with certified organic formulation.

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Organic hand creams for perfectly moisturised skin

Our hands are constantly subjected to external stresses and strains. Changes in temperature, water quality, and skin type sensitivity are all factors that can make your hands dry, which can then cause an unpleasant sensation. It is therefore important to take care of them with products that are adapted to them. To fight against dry and damaged hands, we offer a range of organic moisturising creams adapted to all skin types.

Our moisturising hand creams come in a variety of fragrances so that you too can find the one that suits you best. Vanilla orange and fig, magnolia and lemon verbena, thyme and olive wood, find the fragrance that will accompany your daily moisturising cream. Enjoy a moisturising, repairing, nourishing and protective formula for hands that are moisturised right down to the nails.

A wide range of organic products

La Corvette offers you a wide range of products for the skin, face and body, and guarantees incomparable softness on a daily basis. Among our many references, you will find the natural soap which accompanies you in your daily hygiene . This product is made ofnatural ingredients and can also be organic. Discover also our range of natural shower gelsOur range of products is even easier to carry around, so you can take care of your body anywhere. Finally, enjoy the benefits of a natural shampoo on your hair and succumb to the sweet scent of all our organic and natural products.