Organic shampoos

For your daily care, you are looking for products that take care of your scalp and lengths, but that are also more natural. Discover our wide range of organic shampoos with natural ingredients.

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Organic shampoos with many benefits

We have brought together the best of Provence in a range of organic shampoos, without phenoxyethanol, silicone, colouring agents or parabens. Whatever your hair type, we put nature's greatest benefits in a bottle, thanks to a COSMOS ORGANIC certified organic and vegetable composition.

To care for your hair and scalp, shampoo is a key product that accompanies you every day. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, coloured, tends to be greasy, lacks volume or shine, you need to find the right product for your needs. That's why we offer you a wide range of products that use oils and other natural ingredients to give your hair back its shine.

For example, we offer you an organic shampoo with sweet almond, enriched with certified organic aloe vera juice, a substance known for its many vitalizing and purifying properties. It brings softness and shine to reveal the full colour and beauty of your hair. Discover also our gentle organic shampoo with fig leaf and aloe vera, which acts as a natural active care, whatever your hair type. Use your natural shampoo in the shower every day and your hair will feel soft again. For those who want a change from the traditional pump bottle, discover our dry shampoo enriched with organic olive oil, formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Olive oil is known for its many properties in the world of cosmetics, and is used in our shampoos to enrich your scal p and combat dry, damaged hair. It is one of the first solid shampoos certified COSMOS Organic by Ecocert, thanks to its 20% organic ingredients.

A wide range of natural and organic products

In our online shop, we offer many references of organic body care which will complement your shampoo. For example, we offer you a natural shower gelWe offer you for example a soap with a formula enriched with organic donkey's milk, which will take care of your skin. You can also choose a natural soaplike the famous Marseille soap, and choose the traditional or olive oil formula for your body. Want to take care of your skin right down to your fingertips? We offer you a wide range of organic hand creamsWe offer you a wide range of products, with multiple ingredients and scents. Orange blossom, shea butter, fig, thyme, argan oil, each product is certified organic to guarantee the best quality for your skin.