Olive oil Marseille soap

We offer you genuine Marseille soap, made in the purest tradition of the French soap industry. Discover without further delay our wide selection of Marseille soaps with olive oil.

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A selection of olive oil soaps

Since 1894, the Savonnerie du Midi - La Corvette has made it a point of honour to offer you authentic products of quality productsThe soap is made in a cauldron, respecting the manufacturing process for a unique product that accompanies you every day.

Olive oil is at the heart of our Marseille soaps, giving our products their distinctive color and scent. L'olive oil is recognized for its many skin and body care properties, and is included in many cosmetic products. Our olive oil Marseille soap is hypoallergenic, economical and made in Francein our factory in Marseille, in the heart of Provence.

The pure Marseille soapMarseille soap, in its most traditional form, is presented as a raw cubewithout packaging, simply stamped with the brand name of its manufacturer. Composed of more than 72% vegetable oilsThis emblematic product has been passed down through the generations while retaining the simple but effective composition for which it is renowned. This composition is limited to 4 main ingredients vegetable oils, water, salt and soda. With no added fragrance, no colouring, no preservatives or chemical additives, this cube is made up of only100% natural ingredients.

Many olive oil products

If the cube of real Marseille soap remains the most famous product, there are many derivative products that allow you to use Marseille soap in your daily with more ease. The Marseille soap flakes for example, you can make your own homemade washing powder. Wash your clothes with a soft and hypoallergenic detergent, ideal for all your textiles.

Discover without further delay our soaps as well as our liquid Marseille soap to clean and take care of your face and body skin in a natural way.