Natural cleaners

For the daily maintenance of your home, you are looking for quality products with natural ingredients. Discover our wide range of cleaning products for the whole house.

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Cleaning products for the whole house

Our Savonnerie du Midi - La Corvette offers you a wide range of home care products, so that you can find everything you need for your daily life. From floor to ceiling, indoors and outdoors, you are sure to find the product that meets your expectations. For example, you will find a selection of products featuring household black soap, a product of natural origin renowned for its many properties. Perfumed liquid black soap, black soap paste with linseed oil or olive oil, black soap spray, our household products are available for easy use. All our products are made ofnatural ingredients and leave a fresh and clean scent after use. Make it easy to clean all your surfaces, tiles, floors, worktops and limit the number of household products in your home.

Natural laundry cleaners

In addition to cleaning your home, you can also wash your textiles and all your laundry with our dedicated products. We offer a range of laundry soaps, which are an ecological and economical alternative to conventional detergents. This product can be combined with the use of a stain remover soap, which will dissolve the stains before machine washing, to eliminate the most stubborn stains. We offer a laundry kit consisting of an ECOCERT-certified stain-removing soap and a vegetable scraper sponge made of sisal. Clean your clothes efficiently and enjoy a natural product that is gentle on your textiles and your skin.