Genuine Marseille soap meets the precise criteria set forth by the UPSM, the Union of Marseille Soap Professionals, of which La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi is a founding member. Authentic Marseille soap contains only 4 ingredients: vegetable oils (72% minimum), soda, water and salt. It is always free of coloring agents, perfumes and preservatives. It is cooked in a cauldron, according to the Marseilles process and under the supervision of a master soap maker. All this in Marseille and its region. Raw Marseille soap can be recognized by its cube shape. The soap is engraved with "72% oil" and bears the name of the soap factory that makes it.

The Marseille soaps La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi are exclusively manufactured in our century-old soap factory, La Savonnerie du Midi, located in Aygalades - Marseille (15).

La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi Marseille soaps contain a minimal amount of glycerin. This glycerin is derived from the natural saponification process and is not added to the soap. This glycerin is removed during the washing stages of the Marseilles process. However, a small trace of it remains in the finished product and the regulations require us to indicate this on our ingredient lists.

We advise you to slice your 900gr or 2kg bar of Marseille soap as soon as you receive it, using a wire or a knife previously run under hot water. You can also grate it into shavings with a cheese grater to make your own DIY liquid detergent.

You can also come and cut your bars with our wire slicer in our store in downtown Marseille, at 28 Place aux Huiles (1st).

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