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How to clean deckchairs with black soap?

Clean your deckchairs with La Corvette black soap

For fast, effective cleaning, there's nothing like black soap to remove dust, pollen and general greyness from your deckchairs and loungers after a winter spent in the elements.

Black soap with linseed and/or olive oil, with its delicate Provencal scent, is a traditional, environmentally-friendly cleaner. The soap is made the old-fashioned way, cooked in a cauldron, with a vegetable oil base. It's an excellent multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and stain remover, available as a liquid concentrate, ready-to-use, paste or jar.

Follow our tips below for easy cleaning of your canvas seats:

  • Add a few drops of black soap in a liter of water - neutral or scented, as you wish,
  • Soak a softbrush in this mixture,
  • Rub well and rinse with clean water before drying in the shade to maintain the canvas's colors.

It's up to you!