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How do you store your Marseille soap detergent?

Practical tips for storing your Marseille soap detergent

Authentic Marseille soap, the icon of natural cleaning products, is often used to make homemade liquid detergent. To ensure maximum effectiveness and optimal preservation, there are a few simple steps to follow. Here are our recommendations for storing your Marseille soap detergent and extending its shelf life. Find our La Corvette recipe recipe here.

Choosing the right container

The choice of container is important to guarantee the freshness of your detergent with Marseille soap shavings. Opt for an old detergent jug or glass bottle, making sure it matches your usual volume of consumption. A one-liter jug may be sufficient for a two-person household, while a family of four or more might prefer a 2-liter jug. Make sure the container is airtight, clean and dry before pouring in your precious detergent.

Label the container

Carefully label your container. Indicate the type of detergent inside ( olive oil shavings, extra pure or a flake mix) and the date of manufacture. This simple trick will make it easy to keep track of your detergent's life and ensure proper rotation.

Protect your detergent from light

Store your container in a cool, dark place, such as a cupboard or wardrobe, avoiding direct sunlight. A constant room temperature is ideal for keeping your detergent fresh.

Close the container tightly after each use

To prevent air from coming into contact with the detergent, be sure to reseal the container after each use. This will extend the life of your detergent.

Shake before use

Before each wash, get into the habit of shaking the container well. This ensures that the detergent ingredients are evenly mixed, ensuring maximum efficiency every time.

Keep an eye on the best-before date

Although Marseille soap detergent is a natural, environmentally-friendly option, it does have a shelf life. Keep a close eye on the best-before date, generally 3 to 6 months. If you notice any changes in color, odor or texture, we recommend that you discard the detergent and prepare a new one.


By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your Marseille soap detergent while maintaining its effectiveness in washing your clothes. Adopt these conservation practices and enjoy fresh, environmentally-friendly homemade detergent every time. You can also opt for our ready-to-use liquid detergent, available here.