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Marseille soap in the Vallon des Auffes

This week our cube of Marseille soap olive La Corvette went to an emblematic place of the city.

When you hear the name "picturesque and colourful fishing port of Marseille", what comes to mind?

You have recognized it, our cube of olive Marseille soap stopped at the vallon des Auffes for the week of the new school year!

Located between the Catalan beach and the Malmousque cove, the valley is home to 80 fishing boats, restaurants and some fishermen's houses. The bridge and its 3 arches which span the port over 60m were built in the 19th century at the same time as the Corniche Kennedy.

Did you know that?

The auffe in Provençal "auffo" is a plant used to make ropes for ships and fishing nets.

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