Benefits and uses, Marseille Soap

The different uses of Marseille soap

The uses of the Marseille knowledge

Marseille soap has been around for generations and has retained the unique formula that made it so famous. Simply composed of 4 natural ingredients (vegetable oil, soda, salt and water), it is used in many households on a daily basis and can replace many products. It has many uses, and you may not know them all! Discover without further delay the many uses of Marseille soap and decline this product endlessly.

A soap for the whole body

The Marseille soap is originally a product for body use. It is a simple and effective soap, made in the purest Provencal tradition, with a few natural ingredients. Originating around the 12th century, this product has remained almost unchanged since its creation, and was exported throughout Europe as a common hygiene product by the 15th century. Today, many households have continued the tradition of Marseille soap. It replaces shower gels and other body products, is suitable for all skin types and cleanses the epidermis in depth without aggressing it, leaving a pleasant finish to the skin.

An adapted face cleanser

Thanks to its composition rich in vegetable oil (minimum 72% of oil in a single block of soap), Marseille soap is a product delicate enough to be used on the sensitive skin of your face. Indeed, the face is one of the areas most exposed to external aggressions. Temperature changes, pollution, make-up, many criteria can affect the skin of your face, so you must clean it with care and moisturize it with a product adapted to your skin type. Your soap cube will help you regulate excess sebum and remove residue accumulated during the day. It will also serve as a complement or replacement for your traditional makeup remover.

An irreplaceable product for incomparable dental hygiene

Another use, less known for its part, but very effective, is to use the soap of Marseille to clean your teeth. Although surprising, this product can suit many people, and can help when the toothpaste tube is empty. It is generally recommended to combine the use of Marseille soap with a traditional toothpaste, so that your teeth and gums can benefit from the advantages of the traditional product. If you don't like the taste of soap, you can create a homemade toothpaste by melting fine soap shavings in water and adding a few drops ofessential oil of mint or lemon for example. However, be careful not to scrub the brush too hard so as not to create too much foam!

A simple and effective shaving base

Did you know that Marseille soap is an excellent base for shaving ? Indeed, when you rub it as much as possible, between your hands or with a shaving brush dedicated to this purpose, you quickly obtain a perfect foam to shave with ease. This technique is suitable for men who shave their beards, but women can also use it to shave their legs for example. Just lather up your soap and apply the lather to the desired area and shave to your heart's content.

A soap as a shampoo for your hair

To finish on the body aspect, Marseille soap can be used as hair soap. In the same way as previously mentioned, you just have to lather the soap between your hands and then apply this foam on your scalp. Gently massage your scal p for a long time in order to remove pollution residues, dandruff, etc. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all of the soap and prevent a film from forming around the hair.

An effective stain remover against stubborn stains

In everyday life, Marseille soap acts as a stain remover soap against many stains. Coffee stain, chocolate stain, greasy stain (oil or butter stain for example), fruit stain, and even blood stain, this product has proven its effectiveness against the most stubborn stains. Let the laundry soak or rub locally to facilitate the removal of the stain in the wash.

A dishwashing product for your daily use

Among the daily actions generally requiring a specific product, we find . dishwashing. No more classic dishwashing product, switch to Marseille soap once again! In addition to being effective, it is very economical, because you use very little soap at each use, unlike a classic product. 2 cubes of soap are largely sufficient for a whole year of washing up.

Make your own laundry detergent for all your clothes

Opt for the economical and ecological option by making your own Marseille soap-based detergent . Mix 30 grams of soap shavings in 1L of hot water and stir so that the shavings dissolve and you get a ready-to-use gel. Stir the lye before each use and enjoy a real laundry soap. You can add baking soda and white vinegar for even more effectiveness.

A complete maintenance of the house, inside and outside

Similarly, you can clean your home from floor to ceiling by mixing the same ingredients to form a perfect scrubbing solution. This formula is versatile and is great for dirt, grease, dust, etc. You can also use this soap in the garden to clean your wooden deck or tiles, for a clean, healthy exterior that does not require the use of various chemicals. The uses of Marseille soap are endless, it's up to you to use it in your own way.