Benefits and uses, Marseille Soap

What's the difference between white and green Marseille soaps?

Differences between green and white Marseille soaps

An emblematic and popular product in many countries, Marseille soap is renowned for its natural recipe, quality and versatility. Available in a wide range of forms, it can also naturally adopt a variety of colors. Discover the differences, similarities and optimal conditions of use between green and white Marseille soaps.

A recipe based on vegetable oils

Genuine Marseille soap is based on a recipe of exclusively vegetable oils, water, soda and salt.
This body and home hygiene product is made in Marseille by La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi using an artisanal process. Our traditional, hypo-allergenic Marseille soap is additive-free. You won't find any preservatives, perfumes, animal fats or synthetic products. Nor are there any artificial colorants.

So how do you explain the fact that genuine Marseille soap can take on several colors? These different hues are based on the choice of vegetable oils used in its composition. While olive oil is often used in the artisanal production of Marseille soap, other vegetable oils are also employed.

Green Marseille Soap

Green Marseille soap owes its characteristic color to its high olive oil content. This oil is most often obtained from olive pomace. Olive pomace, made up of skins, pulp and stone fragments, is obtained during the oil extraction process and is used in the production of traditional soaps. In particular, they contain olive chlorophyll, which gives Marseille soap its characteristic green color. The green color may fade over time, as your Marseille soap dries and matures.

Le Marseille soap with olive oil is ideal for a wide range of uses:
● for hygiene and beauty (body, hands, hair) ;
● for home care;
● as an ingredient in your DIY recipes.

La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi offers a wide range of olive oil Marseille soaps:
● cubes and bars offer an economical format and lend themselves to a wide range of uses ;
● soap soap shavings are ideal for your household recipes (washing powder, dishwashing liquid...) ;
● soap bars are often used in the bathroom, for hand or body hygiene;
● bulk soaps are both practical and economical.

Choose the format that's right for you!

White Marseille soap

Olive oil is not the only vegetable oil used to make genuine Marseille soap. Other vegetable oils, such as coconut or palm oil, are colorless. As the recipe for genuine Marseille soap contains no artificial colorants, the resulting soap adopts a neutral color, with a light or dark beige hue.

Le Marseille soap extra-puresometimes known as vegetal Marseille soap, also has a wide range of uses:
● for daily hygiene and beauty ;
● for household and home maintenance ;
● as an ingredient in your DIY recipes.

La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi offers a wide range of extra-pure Marseille soaps available in different forms:
● cubes and bars ;
● soap shavings;
● soap bars;
● bulk soaps;
● liquid detergents.

Choose the extra-pure Marseille soap format best suited to your needs!

Soap for every purpose, whether green or white!

A versatile product par excellence, black or green Marseille soap lends itself to many uses. We invite you to choose the packaging best suited to your needs.
Would you like to make your own Marseille soap detergent? Soap flakes and shavings are generally used as ingredients for this type of recipe.
You can also grate a cube or a bar to obtain your own shavings and save money.
Do you appreciate the ease of use offered by liquid soap? Visit liquid Marseille soapMarseille liquid soap, ready-to-use or in a 5-liter economy size, is ideal for gentle cleansing of your body and hands.
You can also opt for more traditional packaging, in cubescubes bars or in soap bars. These formats are ideal for your daily hygiene.
Looking for a scented soap? In addition to our range of olive oil and extra-pure Marseille soaps, La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi also offers scented soaps made with vegetable oils: honey, honeysuckle, lavender, orange blossom, jasmine, sweet almond, rose, argan oil...