Visit our soap factory during the vacations

Can you recognize genuine Marseille soap?

+ Over 90% of soaps are not soaps!

Take advantage of your next stay in Marseille to visit our factory and museum, and learn all about Marseille soap.


An exceptional place!

Founded in Marseille in 1894, Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last three authentic Marseille soap factories to preserve the recipe and know-how of traditional Marseille soap.

As a founding member of the UPSM (Union Professionnel du Savon de Marseille), our mission is to perpetuate this age-old craft and to share the history of Marseille soap with as many people as possible.

The tour is led by a guide who will show you around the buildings classified as remarkable by Marseille's town council, an exceptional place.

You'll have the privilege of entering the heart of the factory and exploring the vat and cauldron rooms, the soap-drying and cube-shaping workshops, while tracing the history of Marseille soap through our collection of archival objects.


Remember to book your visit

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