Benefits and uses, Marseille Soap

Washing your dog with Marseille soap

Washing your dog with Marseille soap

Very popular product of care and household maintenance, the Marseille soap has many applications. You can use real Marseille soap to wash your dog occasionally. La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi advises you to shampoo your pet in the best conditions of comfort and health!

Marseille soap, the alternative to dog shampoo

You can find many shampoos for your dog's grooming in stores. The compositions of these products are designed to adapt to the skin and coat of your pet. However, many products sold in pet stores contain controversial, potentially irritating or allergenic ingredients.

You want to wash your dog occasionally, and you are looking for a natural product? Marseille soap is one of the the best alternatives to animal shampoosand is appreciated for its many benefits.

The benefits of Marseille soap for animals

The pH of the canine coat is neutral or slightly alkaline, and is on average between 7.4 and 8.5, contrary to the human epidermis whose pH is slightly acidic, between 4.5 and 5.9. Marseille soap, with a pH close to 10, can be used without risk on your dog.

The soap of Marseille has moreover bactericidal properties. It disinfects and eliminates the risks of infection. Some dog owners also use Marseille soap to reduce flea infestation.

You should always choose an authentic Marseille soapwhich does not contain any additives or irritating products such as preservatives, colorants, perfumes or animal fats. La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi produces a Marseille soap in the respect of a traditional know-how, made of 100% natural ingredients.

Preparing your dog for a bath or shower

Animals naturally take care of themselves, and dogs are no exception to the rule. Their skin is covered with a layer of sebum that provides a natural protection against external aggressions (dust, pollution...). You must avoid washing your dog too often, at the risk of causing irritation and itching. Indeed, four baths per year are generally enough. You can also reserve baths for very specific situations: when your dog scratches, when he smells bad, or when he has an injury or a wound.

Bathing can be a scary or worrying experience for your dog. You can de-dramatize this experience by desensitization work. You can start by inviting your dog into the tub or basin, complimenting him and rewarding him with a treat or a pat. You can then wet him lightly, and praise him again. Your dog will associate bathing with a pleasant moment spent in the company of his master, which translates into petting and treats.

Depending on the size of your dog, you can bathe him in your bathtub, shower tray or sink. In order to avoid discomfort or risk of injury, we invite you to take certain measures:

  • Remove fragile or balanced objects that could be knocked over and broken;
  • Close the door, so your dog doesn't wander around the house soaking wet;
  • Prepare your Marseille soap and a clean, dry towel.

A gentle wash with Marseille soap

The water should be tempered: water that is too hot will hurt your dog, while water that is too cold will be unpleasant. You can set the temperature temperature between 30 and 35°C. You are ready to start washing your dog:

  • Gently wet the entire coat, paying attention to the most sensitive areas like the head;
  • Scrub his coat with an authentic Marseille soap, until you get a fine foam, avoiding carefully the lips, eyes and ears;
  • Gently massage for a few minutes;
  • Rinse thoroughly until all traces of soap are removed;
  • Dry your dog with a clean towel.

Throughout the washing process, we invite you to compliment and pet your dog. Bathing or showering can be stressful for your dog, and he should associate this moment with a special time with his owner.

Black soap to clean your dog's things

Your dog is clean, but have you thought about cleaning his things? You can wash his pillow, his stuffed animals or his collar in your washing machine, using an ecological detergent with Marseille soap shavings that you make yourself, or by choosing a detergent sold in our references of stain removing soaps.

You can also clean your pet's toys and plastic basket with a sponge with a sponge soaked in soapy water. Remember to rinse well with clear water to return them to your pet! You don't have any more Marseille soap ? You can replace it by a dab of natural black soap.