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Marseille soap at the Pharo

The Marseille soap in the city

For its third visit, the extra pure Marseille soap de la Corvette admires the view of the Pharo Palace.

Did you know that?

This Marseilles building, whose construction was ordered by Napoleon III for Empress Eugenie in 1851, offers a magnificent view of the coastline.

Its construction required extensive levelling work to fill in the original crater. The first stone was not laid until 1858. On the death of the Emperor in 1873, the city of Marseille claimed ownership of the estate and sued Empress Eugenie, the sole owner of the site. At the end of a fierce lawsuit, the latter decided to offer the palace and its gardens to the city, on condition that they be used for public purposes.

The palace served as a hospital and also housed the Faculty of Medicine until the end of the 19th century. It was replaced by the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Army Service. Today, the Palais du Pharo is a venue for conferences and various events.

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