Benefits and uses, Black soap

Cleaning your floor with black soap

Cleaning your floor with black soap

How to maintain a floor with black soap?

Used for centuries, black soap is an excellent household cleaner. Very popular, this healthy product is known for its stain and grease removal properties. The black soap has many uses, including helping you to effectively clean and maintain your wood floor.

Black soap, a natural and multipurpose product

Black soap is essentially composed of vegetable oils and potassium, two natural ingredients. La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi offers several references of black soaps, based onolive oil orlinseed oil.
Its composition makes it an excellent household product with many uses. You can use it to remove a stain from a piece of clothing or a carpet, to keep pests away from your garden, to wash your interior... You can also simply use black soap to clean your floor!
Economical thanks to its concentrated action, black soap is also ecological. It is harmless for the soil and for the water table.
This natural cleaner is available in two forms: the liquid black soap is easy to use, while the black soap paste is generally more concentrated.

A natural product suitable for all types of flooring

Three main types of flooring are available on the market.

Solid wood flooring is made of solid wood, most often in a noble species such as oak or an exotic wood. Very resistant when well maintained, it is also appreciated for its aesthetics and its high-end character.
The laminate floor, also called floating floor, is composed of several successive layers of wood. A noble species, called the wear layer, is glued to a multi-ply support, composed of a layer of agglomerated wood and a layer of resinous or plywood, known as counterbalancing. It offers a visual rendering close to a solid wood floor.
Laminate flooring has a resin wear layer, with an imitation wood decor sheet, glued to a multi-ply backing made from softwood or wood derivatives.
Solid and laminate flooring are offered in several finishes:
oiled: a penetrating and non-greasy filter coats the wood fibers and protects it from many external aggressions ;
waxed: the regular application of a wax protects the wood, but this finish is more sensitive to stains and dirt ;
vitrified: a protective film or varnish is applied to the surface, for great efficiency and a lasting result.
Since the wear layer of a laminate floor is not made of wood, it is not possible to wax, oil or seal it.

Black soap for a perfect cleaning of your floor

Cleaning your floor with black soap does not require any special skills.
You can start by dusting your floor. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner, using the nozzle provided for this purpose to avoid any risk of scratching.
You can then dilute a glass of liquid black soap in 5 liters of warm water. You rub your floor with a mop soaked in the mixture of water and black soap and wrung out well, lingering on the most stubborn spots. You can repeat the operation if your floor is particularly dirty.
Black soap can be used on solid, floating or laminate flooring. A precaution is necessary however, because the wood can be degraded by an excess of water. We advise you to tap your brush against your bucket of water and black soap to eliminate the excess liquid. You can then air your home well to reduce the drying time of your floor.
You can safely clean your parquet floor with black soap, whether it is a solid, laminated or engineered floor, and whether it is oiled, waxed or sealed.

Regular maintenance of your wooden floor

On a daily basis, you can use a microfiber broom or a vacuum cleaner with a suitable nozzle to dust your floor.
About once a week, you can clean it with a mixture of water and black soap, using a sponge or a slightly damp mop.
Depending on the finish chosen, periodic maintenance is required:
oiled parquet: application of a coat of protective oil once or twice a year ;
waxed parquet: application of a coat of protective wax once to twice a year ;
varnished parquet: no maintenance action is required, but it is possible to renovate a varnished parquet.
You can approach a professional, craftsman or retailer, to obtain additional information, or to request a complete renovation of your floor.

A black soap useful throughout the house

Black soap has many uses, and can be used in the recipes of many household products.
As a floor cleaner (concrete, terracotta, tiles or parquet), it can also be the main ingredient ofa detergent ecological and economical. In the kitchen, it is very effective to clean the dishes, degrease your oven or your hood. In the garden, the black soap allows in particular to to repel or eliminate certain harmful insects or the molds that affect your plants.
La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi offers you a wide choice of references with black soaps in paste, liquid or tube, composed of more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin and certified ECOCERT ECODETERGENT.