Benefits and uses, Aleppo soap

The virtues of Aleppo soap for the face

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Why use Aleppo soap for the face?

For several millennia, Aleppine master soap makers have passed on their know-how from generation to generation. Still produced in the 21st century, Aleppo soap seduces thanks to its natural character and its many benefits. This natural soap Aleppo soap can be used daily for cleansing, and can be applied to the body as well as the face.

An antiseptic, purifying and soothing Aleppo soap

The traditional recipe is essentially based on the combination of olive oil and bay laurel oil. These two oils of natural origin lend their multiple virtues to Aleppo soap, and are perfectly suited for application to the face:
Its antiseptic properties effectively remove bacteria, fungi and viruses. Aleppo soap thus contributes directly to excellent hygiene.
Its purifying properties eliminate dead cells and impurities. Aleppo soap ensures a supple and smooth skin and a clear complexion.
Its soothing properties provide immediate well-being. Aleppo soap calms the tingling and tightness of the skin.

A soap to restore the hydrolipidic film

The skin is covered with a hydrolipidic film, produced naturally by the sebaceous glands. This film plays an indispensable protective role:
● It maintains the skin at an acidic pH, and thus prevents the penetration of microbes and other micro-organisms that are harmful to the body.
● It contributes to the hydration of the skin, by limiting the loss of water due to evaporation.
● It protects the skin from many external aggressions, including UV radiation.
A hydrolipidic film can have multiple consequences: dehydration and skin dryness, redness, itching ... The face, sensitive and unprotected by clothing, is particularly affected. Aleppo soap preserves the hydrolipidic film, and can be used daily on the face.

A shaving foam of natural origin

Men can also enjoy the benefits of Aleppo soap when shaving. Applied on the face, it replaces advantageously the shaving foam. It effectively lubricates the skin, and promotes a more fluid use of the razor. Its soothing properties also protect the skin from razor burn, while its antiseptic properties prevent the risk of infection in the event of cuts or micro-cuts. It also deeply moisturises the skin, making it a real facial treatment!

A purifying mask of natural origin

You can also melt a piece of Aleppo soap and apply the resulting paste, in a thick layer, to the face. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Your skin will be purified, smoothed and rid of many imperfections. We advise you to moisturize your skin afterwards, the Aleppo soap applied as a mask can indeed have a drying effect.
This beauty ritual is healthy and good for your health: Aleppo soap contains no harmful or allergenic ingredients!

Aleppo soap for every skin type

Aleppo soap is particularly recommended for people with dry or very dry skin, but it can also meet the needs of all.
The proportion of oil of bay laurel may vary from one reference to another. You can choose an Aleppo soap containing up to 20% of oil of bay laurel, if you have dry, sensitive or combination skin, and prefer a soap from 20%, if you have an oily skin.
You can also use an Aleppo soap if you have problem skin, and if you are subject to irritation, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.
Savonnerie du Midi - La Corvette offers an Aleppo soap with 20% bay laurel oil, which can be used on all skin types.

Aleppo soap, from face to hair

Aleppo soap can be used regularly as natural shampoo for people with oily hair. You simply rub your soap directly onto the scalp, rub to lather, then rinse. You can finish your hair care routine by using a rinse water with lemon or cider vinegar added. This routine will prevent your hair from re-greasing too quickly. This will get rid of itching and dandruff!
Do you have dry hair? You can use Aleppo soap occasionally, for example to remove salt after a day at the beach.

A range of facial soaps

Savonnerie du Midi - La Corvette takes care of your beauty and well-being with a selection of facial care products and soaps made from natural ingredients. In particular, we offer a selection of Aleppo soaps and genuine Marseille soapsWe offer a selection of Aleppo soaps, produced with respect for ancestral know-how.
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