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How long does it take to make Marseille Soap?

Route and time of production of Marseille soap

Do you know how many people shape with passion our cubes of Marseille soap ? How our cubes are made at the Savonnerie du Midi ? How long does it last? We explain you all about this ancestral craft knowledge !

Step 1:

The first stage of manufacturing our soaps is managed by two people who are responsible for the correct reception of the raw materials.

Step 2:

The second stage, coordinated by a master soapmaker and a chemist, is the cooking of the soaps in a cauldron, which lasts between 7 and 10 days. This is the transformation of the vegetable oils into soap!

Step 3:

An apprentice of the master soap maker then takes care of the "drying" part of our cubes, which takes about 8 hours

Step 4:

After drying, it is time for shaping. At this stage of production, two to three workers are needed per shaping line.

Step 5:

For the warehouse and shipping part, 3 forklift operators work at the Savonnerie du Midi to manage our stocks of cubes and to check the condition of the goods loaded.

In total, it will take between 10 and 15 days of manufacturing and 11 people at the soap factory to make our mythical cubes of Marseille soap!

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