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Meeting with Wilfried, master soap maker apprentice

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Our portrait series continues with the teams present and mobilised during the containment period.

This week we meet Wilfried who started out packaging soap and then learned the trade of master soapmaker.

Franck, our master soap maker at the Savonnerie du Midi, trained him in drying and passed on his know-how on how to cook soap on a daily basis!

Wilfried is very committed and involved, supervising the cauldrons and managing the various stages of cooking under Franck's enlightened eye.

Wilfried and the rest of the teams present were mobilised and requisitioned during the containment period to ensure that the factory ran smoothly. Our objective: to meet the demand for traditional soap.

With its campaign "Rêves de visites Enterprise and discovery @entrepriseanddecouverte promotes visits to companies in France: workshops and production sites. Discovering the know-how, the people behind the machines, understanding how things work, promoting made in France... these are all values that are dear to us and that we are defending by opening our century-old soap factory to the public!

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